Day 7 – NHibernate Le Cookbook, just not Fluent

So – I tried to apply the content of the NHibernate Cookbook and I have been told that Fluent NHibernate is the way to go, but even though it has subsections for Fluent, you have to do a lot of the xml (which Fluent tries to avoid) cause else the program will not work.

First FNH attempt

It’s frustrating and yet a reminder that I’m trying to create something new and not rip off another mans work. One should properly combine the things in the book with the official website for the Fluent project.

But since I’m new at making this and I have no one but the World Wide Web to educate me. The search of examples on Dan’s Development Blog came in handy. Now I just have to scrutinize all his code to find the useful stuff.

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