Day 9.1 – ModuleCatalog works again

I went to one of my teachers today and showed him the problem with my ModuleCatalog. He looked at me with about this expression:


So I explained my different theories of why the project wouldn’t run and after some brain calculation he said: “Ahh – copy the damn .dll!”

And surely – that helped A LOT!
To be more exact, the problem is the following:

When building a solution the program must have the different projects ┬áin the targetfolder’s /bin/Debug folder. When building a normal project without the ModuleCatalog.xaml file, the .dll-files is collected to this folder. But the modules I couldn’t find was not used and therefore not build in this folder.

Solution found on Edypository:
Add the following to the projects/modules(which cannot be found)’s Build Events:

xcopy /y $(ProjectDir)$(OutDir)$(TargetFileName) $(SolutionDir)ECH\bin\Debug\

This will copy the output file (here, my ECH.Database) to my programs folder in my solution.
This will also last when pushing to GitHub, since the .gitignore file will remove the .dlls

Now one just have to get external .dll-files into the Shell’s folder as well.

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