Day 2 – Getting started

Where to start?

Option 1: I could start by getting the software to see the hardware and make the motor spin a few rounds and work my way up to controlling the motor and making some UI for the program.

Option 2: I could start by making an UI to start an stop the motor, do the controls, connect to the hardware and add features afterwards.

Option 3: I could take a whiteboard, a pen and get cracking of what I really want and how I want it.

It’ll properly be the last and while Visual Studio gets updated and AVR Studio download, I can focus on the theory… so – where’s my pen?

The day ended at a Facebook event, called HackerNight, where people who knows each other, or just one in the group, can come code on ones own project. It’s held every 2-3 week and is always a good place to get advice on your code.

I got option 3 done and has taken option 2 since I didn’t have my step motor nearby.

The project will be built in C# and C, built with shell with a bootstrapper and a module catalog (.xaml) to ensure loose coupling. But in the process of understanding it correct I spend about 2 hours getting this to work -_-“.

I also encountered a lot of problems with Git even thou I had a guide of how to set it up in PowerShell. And I therefor decided to make my own, which I will link when I have it tested and green flagged.

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