AMS – Introduction and setup

Today we are introduced to Atmel Studio 6 and C-programming again – long time, no seen.

AS6 is installed and it works a bit different than the old CodeVersion. You no longer include the mega16.h file but avr/io.h and a few this more.

When a program is compiled the STK-500 must be added: Tools -> ‘Add new STK-500′ and the port is automatically selected.
Note: Your comport should stay UNDER 10.

Program the chip: yet again move the mouse… I WILL NOT!
Tools -> Customize… -> Keyboard… -> search for “Tools.DeviceProgramming” -> Assign ‘Ctrl + F5′ -> OK

Now – program it: Ctrl + F5 -> select the board -> Select “ATmega16″ -> Select ISP -> Apply.
Select ‘Memory’ -> Browse -> find your .hex file (located under the Debug folder in your project) and remember to select “Erase device before programming”.

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