Day 5 – ModuleCatalog, Y U NO Work?


A problem my day #5 has been spend trying to solve – worst part is that I’m not sure if I’m closer to solving the problem.

Many approaches has been attempted – many have failed. The same error keeps popping up in my face. I know exactly which lines fail and all my attempts to find documentation on the topic has been void.

So far I have multiple theories why it won’t start – some more unlikely than others:

  1. The module has no view (no view, no registration?)
  2. The module’s .dll file is never created and therefore it cannot be found (most likely the case)
  3. The file containing the class deriving from IModule must have the same name as the the project. (I take it as unlikely but the 3 projects with same name in project and file do work)
  4. I do not understand how to write the Ref, ModuleName and ModuleType (Also the case since I tried many different things and the same error keeps popping up)

So I’m kinda stuck here until the cavalry arrives at next Tuesday where my teacher will have a look at it.

So until next time I will take a peek at NHibernate Cookbook I have acquired.


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